How to Play Homescapes: Help Austin Renovate His Family Estate

Homescapes’ gameplay revolves around determining specific patterns and matching at least three decorations so that you can progress through its stages. Each puzzle you solve opens up a new room within the mansion. You will encounter more challenging patterns and combinations as you enter new areas. New patterns mean more combos and power-ups that you can utilize to help Austin renovate the mansion.


Make Use of Boosters and Power-Ups

If you’re having trouble finding matches or patterns, you can use boosters to get rid of unwanted obstacles. Choose between three boosters—the Hammer, Sledgehammer, and the Glove.

You can also participate in limited-time Events such as the Paper Plane Generator, Flint’s Adventures, and Above the Clouds. These features will help you clear obstacles and complete areas faster. These also earn you more prizes, power-ups, and boosters at your disposal.




Whenever you clear an area, you are rewarded with decorations. You need to use your keen eye for detail to determine what kind of furnishings should be placed in the mansion so it would look more brilliant and vibrant than ever before!

The more areas you clear up, the more decorations you’ll get to expand your designing options. You should also look for every nook and cranny within the mansion to find some hidden secrets that would be essential to you and Austin’s goal.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

As Austin’s mansion gets its luster back, you will attract the attention of some neighbors. Eventually, some of them will decide to stop by and say hi. Some of these visitors will also offer you and Austin some additional objectives to complete.

Whenever you complete objectives, most visitors will shed some backstory about themselves and how their lives have crossed with Austin’s family. You will meet friends and rivals along the way too, but rest assured that they will all help you revive Austin’s family estate back to its former glory.


How to Play Homescapes on Your PC

If you are wondering how you can enjoy this puzzle and home design game on PC, then all you need to do is download Homescapes right here! To get this game on PC, click on the download box to begin the installation process. Depending on your internet connection, it should only take a couple of minutes.

Once the game has been successfully installed, the game’s icon should appear on your desktop’s home screen. Click on it to run Homescapes so that you can start the game and help out Austin renovate his family’s mansion!