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Homescapes PC Guide: Tips For The Hardworking Butler

Homescapes is the latest sequel to the popular game Gardenscapes. It still follows good ‘ol Austin the Butler but in a new quest that revolves around his old family mansion. Your parents are bent on selling the ancestral house for some quick cash but you have other plans. In order for you to keep the house and the memories you’ve had within, you need to fix it up! You need to clean, redecorate, and improve the old mansion while solving puzzles along the way.

It might seem easy on paper, but this game is more than meets the eye. As you move closer to your goal, you’ll realize the difficulty increases. You’ll eventually hit a roadblock if you try to do a blind playthrough. It’s important to know what you’re getting into. You can take a look at the game’s general gameplay to have an idea of its mechanics. If you’re up for the challenge then it wouldn’t hurt to take a few words of wisdom along the way. Take a look at these general tips to give you an edge when playing Homescapes.

Get A Clean Streak with Awesome Combos

Homescapes follow the same core mechanic present in other match-three puzzle games. It includes combo bonuses when you match more than three objects of the same kind. These bonuses come in the form of awesome boosters. They are powerful items that can give you a huge advantage in clearing levels in the game. The kind of booster you’ll get depends on how many combos you’re able to perform. We’ll tackle the four common boosters you’ll get and how to acquire them.

Homescapes PC Game Guide

The first one is the Rocket. These bad boys blast off when you combine any four objects in a level. They can clear an entire column or row depending on what directions they’re facing. The next up on the list is the Paper Airplane. It may not sound as powerful as the first, but this booster packs a wallop. By matching four objects in a square, a paper plane will fly and seek out a difficult item to clear. This may include chains, jellies, or any form of blockage.

Next up is the Bomb. Like its name, it’s an explosive booster that will occur once you match five or more objects. It will obliterate surrounding objects in a three-square radius. Finally, the ultimate booster out of the four. The Disco Ball. This shiny sphere can be used when you match five objects in a single row. You can replace an object with the Disco Ball and it will annihilate everything of the same kind. It’s one of the must-have boosters in the game.

Plan Your Moves, Strategize Your Objectives

Now simply aiming for boosters isn’t enough to get you through the tougher stages. You need to plan your moves and strategize. One of the secret tricks veterans like to employ is combining boosters to make a more dramatic effect. You can try to experiment the effects on the board if you deploy two boosters simultaneously. Doing so might give you an even greater advantage during a challenging level. You also need to time your boosters right. Try to analyze the board before making your move. Check if there are better alternatives to the booster you’re about to use.

Homescapes PC Tips

Additionally, try to prioritize objectives in the game. Each level has different missions to fulfill so you can get better rewards or a higher score. It’s best to check which of the missions you want to finish first before moving to the next one. It’s wiser to clear the bigger obstacles and work your way down to the easier ones. The reason for such tactics is that you’ll have more room to clear when you get the biggest hindrances out of the way. If you do it right, you’ll be climbing the leaderboards in no time!

A Frugal Butler Is A Happy Camper

Like any other great titles, Homescapes has in-game currency. They come in the form of coins and they can be used to continue through levels. You can spend them to give you more moves, hearts, and more! But just because you have money, doesn’t mean you can spend it willy-nilly. Try to use them sparingly or save them up for tougher levels in the game. They are hard to come by and you would want to have an ace up your sleeve when you’re stuck. So try to wrack your brain first before reaching for the money in your pocket.

So those are our beginner gameplay tips for Homescapes. You can test them out by playing it on your desktop or laptop! It’s free-to-play, and you’ll get access to full-screen graphics! You’d also get access to customizable keymaps for a smoother experience. There’s no better way to enjoy games than with the PC Master race!