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Homescapes Gameplay Tips: Say Hello to the Neighbors

Homescapes Tips

Once you start helping Austin redecorate and declutter his family’s mansion, some of the neighbors will stop by to visit. Austin’s neighbors are a wily bunch, but you have to interact with them during the key stages of the game.

One of the first neighbors you will meet is Katherine Broom. Right after Austin begins clearing some of the rooms, she would eventually show up on the door. She is Austin’s best friend, and both obviously have feelings for one another. However, Austin’s mother (Olivia), tells him to not let Katherine in the mansion—to which Austin begrudgingly complies.


Meeting the Neighbors

As you slowly manage to renovate portions of the mansion, more and more visitors start knocking at the door. Some of them will provide further backstories about Austin’s parents and their relationship with other neighbors. However, some neighbors will just ask for help with their current predicaments.

Helping neighbors will grant you access to more levels. When you manage to accomplish their requests, you will be handsomely rewarded with different types of prizes. Some visitors are crucial during certain points in the game.

For instance, Shanti helps out Austin refurbish the mansion’s Relaxation Room when Austin injures himself while moving some heavy furniture. After assisting Austin in furnishing the Relaxation Room, Austin repays Shanti’s advice and helps by suggesting that she should create an online channel about how to create the perfect Relaxation Room. Shanti took this advice.


Family Values

The visitors in Homescapes are fleshed out and they add more world-building elements into the game. Apart from learning about Austin’s family’s reputation, you are also whisked into the intricate relationships between the characters.




Take Olivia and Katherine, for example. The reason why Olivia is cold to Katherine is because she is the daughter of Stephanie Broom, one of Olivia’s best friend-turned-rival. However, as you progress through the game, you get to see some development between these ladies. Olivia will later see that Katherine means well and isn’t as scrupulous as her mother. This makes Olivia warm up to Katherine eventually, while you and Austin continue renovating the mansion.

Homescapes’ cast of characters is one of the most heart-warming features of the game since it provides a surprising level of depth. It helps paint a clearer picture of how Austin’s family have been interacting with their neighbors, and how the mansion’s renovation is helping smooth out their relationships with the other characters. Each character has their own unique quirks and personalities which makes them more endearing as you progress in the main story.