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Homescapes: What You Need to Know About Boosters and Power-Ups

Homescapes PC Game Guide

The main objective of Homescapes is to reach the desired number of decorations per area. However, on some levels, the number of obstacles in the play map might become too overwhelming and you’ll end up getting stuck in the level. But you shouldn’t fret—Homescapes have boosters and power-ups that can help you clear unwanted clutter without even using a move.


Types of Boosters in Homescapes

There are three main in-game boosters that you can use whenever you play a level. These are the Hammer, the Sledgehammer, and the Glove. The Hammer lets you get rid of any tile you choose without using a move. Meanwhile, the Sledgehammer lets you clear one whole row and column from unwanted obstacles. Finally, the Glove allows you to interchange two adjacent pieces and create matches after doing so.

While these boosters do not take up a move, they cost coins. The Hammer costs 1,900 coins, while the Sledgehammer costs 3,800 coins, and the Glove costs 2,900 coins. It is up to you when you would use these boosters, but these are the best options when you’re stuck on a level and can afford purchasing either of the three to help you complete it.


Types of Power-Ups

Power-ups are similar to boosters in the sense that they also help you clear unwanted pieces on the play map. However, unlike boosters, power-ups take up one action when you plan on using them. Moreover, they usually pop up randomly on the map. That said, they are still essential when you need to complete a level.

The four main power-ups in the game are the Rocket, Bomb, Paper Plane, and Rainbow Balls. Once on the field, they can be swapped with an adjacent piece. Rockets can turn up on the map by aligning four similar pieces and will clear one row or column once you double-tap on it. The direction of the Rocket depends on how you aligned the four identical pieces.




Bombs can be acquired by matching five pieces in an L or T-shape. Bombs clear eighteen tiles and are relatively strong when you manage to match the necessary pieces to get it. Next are Paper Planes. These show up whenever you match four elements into a square shape. When you activate a Paper Plane, it will destroy the four nearest obstacles around it. Afterward, the Paper Plane will fly away before fetching one random obstacle and placing it on the tile where the plane originally was.

Finally, the Rainbow Ball shows up whenever you match five elements in one row or column. Once you swap it with an adjacent piece, the Rainbow Ball will remove all the other pieces that share the same color of the piece it swapped with.

Utilizing power-ups is the key to complete levels faster, especially in the later stages. Make sure you’ve memorized the patterns needed to create the power-ups so that you can get yourself out of tight situations!